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How to enjoy the perfect coffee

Hostal La Torre loves a good cup of coffee. One that brightens your morning with its delicious roasted aroma, its creaminess and its intense flavour. If you are easily tempted by the irresistible aroma of a fresh cup of coffee, you’ll be interested in these tips for coffee lovers. Become the perfect barista at home or among friends.

1. choose a good coffee machine

Forget about pod and capsule machines and invest in a good quality espresso machine. If there’s no space in your kitchen, don’t worry: you can also prepare an excellent coffee with an Italian stovetop coffee maker. And whenever you fancy an espresso-machine coffee, simply come to Hostal La Torre where we will prepare a delicious coffee with our new La Marzocco espresso machine, a classic Italian make.
mejor cafe Ibiza consejos prepararCoffee time in Hostal La Torre © Hostal La Torre

2. The coffee has to be good too

Forget about dark roasts that mix coffee with sugar and acquire a strong bitter taste whilst erasing all the natural flavours and aromas found in coffee beans. Always buy light roast coffee, whether Arabic (mild and fruity) or a robust, stronger origin. If you’ve got a large kitchen, you might want to buy a coffee grinder to then buy the coffee beans and grind them when needed. This preserves the aroma and intense flavours far more.

3. The fresher the better

Always choose coffee that has been roasted on a date closest to the day you’re buying it. The further away from the roasting and packaging, the more it loses its aroma and flavour. This is why it’s always advisable to buy at a specialized and reliable shop. At Hostal La Torre you will find coffee from Cafés Meke, a local company that roasts its aromatic beans every Tuesday at their own roaster, on the Sant Joan road.

donde tomar mejor cafe Ibiza consejosMeke roasts its beans every Tuesday at their own roaster ©Cafes Meke/Jon Izeta

4. Sustainable and responsible

Choosing coffees with certified origins and with sustainable policies benefits us all. On the one hand, we foster fair trade, local development and organic and sustainable production. On the other hand, we enjoy a coffee with guarantees and made with extra care that will show in its quality. The market supplies more and more organic, fair trade and small-producer coffees. The difference in price will be outweighed by the flavours in the cup, believe us.

5. Keep it away from heat and fridges

How you store your coffee is very important, but how you don’t store it is even more important. In other words: avoid keeping lots of packets at home and only buy when you’re running out of coffee. Once you’ve opened a packet, keep it in a clean, opaque and airtight container. Some say it’s best to keep it in the fridge, but it’s better to store it on the freshest and driest shelf in the kitchen or larder.

cafe atardecer ibiza consejos dondeAn autumn sunset, a delicious coffee and a great chat. A simply perfect moment, right? © Hostal La Torre


Fancy a good coffee? Make some time to visit our terrace at Hostal La Torre and relish one of our aromatic Meke coffees while you enjoy the sea view. Sounds like the ideal plan for today, right? We’re looking forward to seeing you!



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