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Lucy Dyer share tips for your wedding in Ibiza

Lucy Dyer has been organising weddings in Ibiza for over 15 years and she’s been living on the island for more than 25 years, so she’s the best person to tell us those things one must bear in mind when planning a wedding in Ibiza. She’s in love with the island and its special places and this boosts her creativity in organising and planning weddings with Mambo Weddings. Le encanta trabajar con personas y, sobre todo, saber que está creando algunos maravillosos recuerdos que las parejas, sus familias y amigos recordarán en los años venideros. She loves working with people and, especially, knowing that she’s creating fabulous memories that the couples, their families and friends will remember for years and years. If you don’t want to miss her tips for planning a wedding, read on!

What’s the first thing a couple should think about if they want to get married in Ibiza?

There are so many important things to think about for a wedding, especially at the beginning! It might feel quite daunting, especially for those who want to have their wedding in Ibiza but live abroad. But among all those things, I’d say that the most important thing is to decide the place and date for their wedding. Once they’ve decided those two things (and believe me, that can take quite some time), we can get the ball rolling.

And the last thing?

The last thing the couple has to think about is the stress in organising the wedding. That’s what wedding planners are for!

A wedding is bound to be a smashing success if it has...

Friends, family and loved ones. Those are the most important elements in a wedding.

And doomed to be a failure if it doesn’t have...

A good organisation, enough time for planning ahead and, of course, control over the timings during all the preparations.

t wedding ibiza tips planAll details are important in a wedding. © Natasha Marshall

¿What’s the trickiest moment in planning a wedding?

I’d say choosing the wedding date. And all the elements involved in organising a wedding in Ibiza, especially the guests’ holidays for them to be there on the special day or even before and after the wedding..

What’s the most original request you’ve had for a wedding?

There’s one or two stories I could tell, but all weddings in Ibiza are original and fantastic! To be honest, the most original request I’ve had (in fact, it happened twice) was them wanting someone to fly down to the wedding in a parachute.

And the most complicated one?

Bringing over Swedish sushi chefs in a made-to-measure flight.

What do you think makes Ibiza such a special place for weddings?

Ibiza is such an exceptional place. Not only for weddings, for any special occasion. Without a doubt, I'd say that the most special things about having a wedding in Ibiza are the great weather, the diversity of venues for each type of wedding and the island’s reputation that always has something to suit each client’s character.

Is there anything that could be improved as a wedding destination?

I think it would be even better if it became a destination that’s fully open for tourism all year round, not only during the peak season. Institutions and companies need to gradually work together to make Ibiza a place to travel to all year round.

t wedding ibiza tips celebrationHire the photography service soon.

What’s the latest trend in weddings?

Although every couple has its own wedding style, I’ve seen a clear shift in wedding trends. People now go for natural elements and sustainability, which shows in everything they choose, from the menu up to the entire decoration.

Small or large weddings? What do you prefer?

Both options have something to offer. But I love small, intimate weddings best, they're so special. And big weddings too! They always have something unique and different.

What’s your favourite Mambo Group venue for a wedding?

Mambo Group has the luxury of having exclusive venues in unique settings. But it’s not only the venues, it’s also the way they take great care over all the decoration and details to create a unique atmosphere. If I had to choose one... can I choose two? I’d say the amazing sunset from Hostal La Torre and a dream wedding in Cala Gracioneta, against the backdrop of a stunning beach.

When do you feel a wedding has been perfect?

When all the guests have been relaxed and happy and have had fun, and the newlyweds have only focused on enjoying every single moment, knowing that everything was going smoothly. That’s when I can confirm that the planning, the preparations and the execution have been a smashing success.

t wedding ibiza tips venueCala Gracioneta is one of our favorite wedding venues among Mambo Weddigs clients. © Youri Claessens

Main picture: © Natasha Marshall

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