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12 Songs for your new year's eve playlist

We’d really love you to be at our New Year’s Eve dinner in Ibiza, but if you can’t make it, there’s still a way to bring to your table the island’s magic and amazing vibes. Add to your New Year’s Eve menu this selection of 12 Balearic Sound songs chosen by Hostal La Torre’s resident DJs, mix them as you like and relish the playlist as if it were a lush Christmas delicacy. Happy New Year!

Our DJs selection for your playlist this New Year’s Eve 2022

To add an Ibizan touch to your New Year’s Eve dinner, we asked Hostal La Torre’s DJ residents which song they’d choose to end 2022 in style and welcome the New Year. This selection includes the proposals suggested by our resident DJs, ready for you to mix them as you please and build your own New Year’s Eve playlist. Enjoy it! And if you want us and our followers to enjoy it too, remember to share it on SM and tag us in (Instagram: (Instagram: @latorreibiza - Facebook: @HostalLaTorreIbiza)

12 songs for your New Year’s Eve playlist 2022: You decide the order!

Phat Phil Cooper recommends “Fenice”, Willie Graff Beatless Remix.

Fabiano Pax recommends “Yeahman – Cariñito”, Ft Hajna and Mina Shankha.

Andy Baxter recommends “Luz – Ken Fan Dub” by George Solar

Pete Gooding recommends the iconic ‘E2-E4’ by Manuel Göttsching.

Be.lanuit recommends “Rare Silk” by Storm.

Russ Farelo recommends “Nebulosa” by Be.lanuit.

Mr. Doris recommends “Inner City Blues” by Sly Dunbar.

George Solar recommends “The Journey (Audio)” by Gustavo Santaolalla.

Camilo Miranda recommends “Contigo” by Residentes Balearicos (feat. Camilo Miranda)

Willie Graff recommends “Pinky Perzelle – No Games” Feat. Eda Eren (Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold Remix)

Bruz recommends “Mitrin" (Dogu Civicik Edit)

Bas White recommends “Feeling” by &ME.

And for whenever you feel like it in 2023: La Torre, Vol. 4

Pete Gooding and Mark Barrot have published a new and carefully chosen compilation of Balearic Sound songs this year that deserves a special mention in this post about the best songs to end 2022. So we chatted to Pete Gooding who talked to us about La Torre, Vol. 4, their new and exciting work that’s available on Soundcloud.

Volume 3 came out in the summer before the pandemic. Have the emotions experienced in recent years crept into the selection of tracks for this fourth volume?
No not at all, Mark and I have a clear musical vision for the compilations and the drama around COVID thankfully didnt find there way into the musical selection.

Is there an evolution in this volume compared to the previous ones?
Ultimately you pic music that feels right at the time of compiling, sometimes there are songs we want that we can not use but we aim to be very varied musically with no boundaries, it just needs to feel right for us, Ibiza and the sunset.

Sure it's hard to choose a track, but which one is your favourite? The one you couldn't have done without in this new volume.
By the time we finish a compilation we heard the music so much that we often cant listen to it and maybe a year and then it sounds fresh again but my personal favourite as I feel right now in the winter of 2022 is Pauline Ann Strom ‘Equatorial Sunrise’, its so hypnotic and a piece of music you can loose yourself in and for me this is the most essential function of music, escapism and thought provoking.

What have you discovered that brought you joy when you selected the compilation?
For me seeing the beautiful gatefold vinyl for the first time and opening it up is often the high point. The reaction of other people isn’t a driving factorto me because there is no point second guessing what pleases others and music isn’t about that for me, we both choose what inspires us which is what brings us joy then its authentic and if others like it, even better, but we are true to our own taste and that is a beautiful way to work, in fact in music, its the only way to work that feels right.

Give us a reason not to forget to listen to it…
A beautiful souvenir of your time in Ibiza, at La Torre. A great way to unwind and relax that suits so many occasions and hopefully you will always discover some great pieces of music you never heard before.

What track would you choose to say goodbye to 2022?
Probably the most influential Ibiza / Balearic track of all time ‘E2-E4’ by Manuel Gottshing as he died sadly yesterday and this 60 minute masterpiece inspired generations in ibiza and has influenced so many great songs that we all love, it was huge for Larry Levan at The Paradise Garage and Jose Padilla here in Ibiza years ago at Cafe Del Mar. I have played this hundreds of times in Ibiza in 28 years of playing on the island and is the perfect example of music to loose yourself in!

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