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Ibiza is Scorpio

As many say, the island of Ibiza is governed by the sign of Scorpio, which gives that magical, esoteric, transforming, creative energy ...

Many people say the sign of Scorpio is that governs the island of Ibiza , an idea that was settled, they say, at a congress of astrology which was held in San Antonio in 1978, and gives it to Ibiza this  magical energy mysterious, intense, esoteric, seductive, sensitive, divine and very sexual , well known.

Scorpio is the sign that symbolizes the transformation , and if you live here or have visited Ibiza will not be alien idea. Almost all they arrived in Ibiza claim to experience deep inner processes of transformation and growth . Who has not heard countless times that of "Ibiza changed my life" or "Ibiza caught me" ?

It is natural therefore that the White Island is also characterized by a special magnetism that makes it the ideal place for the proliferation of alternative therapies and all kinds of options that seek personal growth and balance of body, mind and soul . In few places like Ibiza you'll find many centers of meditation, yoga, reiki, healings ... And is that such therapies are also related to the energy of Scorpio and its esoteric force .

But Scorpio and influence work in two directions, with the ends . Thus we see how Ibiza is a bipolar island, is loved or hated, that grabs you or rejects you (and this I've also heard of many times to those who live here!), which in summer is an explosion holiday, hedonism and bustle and in winter it is solitary, quiet and introspective ...

Scorpio symbolizes both  life and death , so it is not unusual in Ibiza go from euphoria to depression, sociability absolute total solitude, frenzy and calm intense activity and contemplation .

Ibiza under the Scorpio sign also tells us that enormous creative energy that breathes here, that plenty of metamorphosis and transformation, new beginnings, to reinvent itself again and again , both the island and the ease that it gives itself its residents. Who of us living in Ibiza has not lived a thousand different lives?

Ibiza is definitely a place that leaves no one indifferent ...
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